Thanking all XPRT buyers and suppliers for another great year

Thanking all XPRT buyers and suppliers for another great year

Thank You

Before 2016 kicks into high gear, we wanted to send you all a BIG THANK YOU for making 2015 another great year for XPRT and its two online marketplaces, Environmental XPRT and Agriculture XPRT.

More traffic & requests for suppliers. More solutions & suppliers for buyers.

Over the past year, combined traffic to Environmental XPRT and Agriculture XPRT cracked five million visits (over 5.54 million visits to be more precise) for the first time, an 11% increase over 2014. And that translated into more than 21,000 RFIs and RFQs for our suppliers, a 9% increase over 2014.

With a product catalog that now stands at over 253,000 solutions, over 46% of which were added as new in 2015, we understand industrial buyers’ need to access fresh and reliable data, which is why we make building and updating our product profiles a priority.

Thanks to our goal of making the world’s supply of environmental and agricultural equipment and solutions searchable within one database, we welcomed over 2,500 new suppliers to XPRT in 2015, bringing our total number of suppliers to over 53,700.

Online is where buyers and suppliers connect

Just to put all these numbers into perspective, the largest trade shows operating within the industries we cover bring together around 2,000 suppliers and 50,000 buyers. And several others consider themselves large when they bring together around 300 suppliers and less than 10,000 buyers.

Face-to-face contact with a handshake can be satisfying, but let’s be honest, buyers and suppliers need to affordably connect year-round. It’s the philosophy that led us to start XPRT as an online-only platform in 1999, and it’s a philosophy that, over the years, our sustained growth has proven to be true.

How your XPRT experience got better in 2015

Statistics don’t tell the whole story, so let’s go beyond the numbers and take a look at how your user experience got better in 2015. Here are a few of the big improvements from the past year:

  • More accurate buyer-supplier matching – In 2015, we revamped our software in order to match buyer requests to more (and more relevant) suppliers through XPRT Sourcing. Now it’s easier for buyers to discover relevant suppliers, and suppliers are receiving more relevant requests.
  • New tracking report for suppliers – With features such as a unified inbox and a new lead activity report, our already popular tracking report made it even easier for suppliers to follow up with prospects.
  • Enhanced request delivery – Now, the nearest distributors of a specific product automatically receive copies of requests sent to manufacturers. And manufacturers automatically receive requests when buyers find their products through their distributors. It’s all about making sure buyers get a prompt reply to their requests.
  • Better customer care – Even though we’ve always been complimented on our great customer service, we decided to become even more efficient by using Zendesk software for all our support tickets and FAQs.

Let’s make 2016 another big year!

As XPRT marches into its 17th year, we’re well aware that your support and feedback has made all the above possible. So we invite you to participate and share your feedback with us. What can we improve in 2016? How can we help make life easier for industry buyers and suppliers like you? Don’t be shy. Drop us a line anytime at to share your opinions.

And remember to keep us involved in your 2016 plans:

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  1. Hi and thank you for your good wishes for 2016…..

    We have a new technology in the field of AAS & ICP Spectrometry and look to connect with Hitech consultants to such manufacturers .

    This new technology is an analytical instrument that would benefit such a manufacturer using the same overhead structure they presently adding this new product that would help multiply their sales turnover worldwide and thus profits….with practically little or no overhead increase.

    Applications are: agriculture, environment, industrial such as fertilizer and pharma etc…

    This will also permit to increase quality/quantity of agriculture produce/food by eliminating present poorer data generated
    in most of these labs worldwide and find key benefits in FAO etc…

    This would be a very exclusive product that would help such a Company/Investor establish themselves in a unique key-market.

    Does your browser have such names on their lists ??

    Thanks and best wishes for 2016 to you all.

    Bruno Sciffo’

    ATS Switzerland

  2. Meny thanks for you
    And happy new year

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