How To Write Good Content that Will Capture Leads

So what do we see as great lead-generating Storefront content? First and foremost, our algorithm takes keyword search relevancy into account.  As an advertiser trying to optimize content to improve your Lead Generation, you should do the following:   Make sure your product titles include the brand name, standard name of the product (i.e. waste compactor, wastewater aerator, point source bailer) and model number. Ensure the basic, 1000-character descriptions of […]

New Feature! Publish Your Company’s Memberships

Companies and organizations listed on XPRT sites can now easily publish the professional organizations to which they belong. Industry organizations offer a myriad of services for their members: networking opportunities, professional training, discounts on conferences & exhibitions and much more.  Apart from enjoying the benefits offered directly by professional organizations, member companies can also gain credibility and online reputation within their industries by making their memberships public. If your company […]

Make Your Product Titles Count

Did you ever consider that the titles of your products have huge importance to their searchability on XPRT as well as on Google? Well it´s true. The way you name your products greatly impacts their visibility in search results. XPRT understands how important this is, so we’ve made it easier for you to update your product titles so that they appear higher in search results and maximize your chances for […]