Make Your Product Titles Count

Did you ever consider that the titles of your products have huge importance to their searchability on XPRT as well as on Google? Well it´s true. The way you name your products greatly impacts their visibility in search results. XPRT understands how important this is, so we’ve made it easier for you to update your product titles so that they appear higher in search results and maximize your chances for generating leads.

We’ve added 2 new fields to the title of a product, Model # and Brand. So let´s say PipeTech wanted to add a wastewater pipe as a product on XPRT, the Model # would be 9735, the Brand would be PipeTech, and the product title would be Wastewater Pipe. By including as much important info in the product title, you have better chances of showing up on a particular search.

You have to take into consideration the fact that everyone searches differently. One prospect may search by the model #, whereas another will search by the brand or title. Now, no matter how your prospects search, your products will appear.

Update your product titles

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  1. That’s a feature I was missing, thanks!

  2. Not just searchable within this site but also indexable in search engines that’s an excellent improvement.

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