Introducing New Location Targeting Features

Introducing New Location Targeting Features

We know that when you’re searching for the right suppliers or trying to reach the right prospects, location matters. That’s why we’ve launched a few new ways to more efficiently connect buyers and suppliers.

So what’s new?

The “Office in…” filter

This filter, which appears after defining a location on the left menu, lets buyers quickly see which suppliers have an office or distributor physically located in their selected region.

The "Office in..." filter

Sort by nearest supplier

The “Near…” option allows buyers to sort results by proximity. This is useful when buyers want to browse suppliers in neighboring countries and states.

Sort by nearest

Location data for each search result

Even when buyers haven’t defined a location, they’ll still be able to see where suppliers are based as they browse search results, making it easier to generate a supplier shortlist.

Location data on search results

When buyers attempt to contact suppliers who can’t serve them

Buyers who attempt to contact suppliers who can’t serve their location are now asked where they need their requirements delivered or serviced. Suppliers will only receive the request if the buyer’s delivery or service location matches the supplier’s geographical markets.


What’s the next step?

If you’re a buyer, try out the new features by running a site search on Environmental XPRT or Agriculture XPRT and selecting your location from the filters on the left.

If you’re a supplier, there are a few things you can do to make sure you connect to the right buyers:

Keep the feedback coming!

We’ve implemented these new features thanks to your opinions and ideas. If you have more suggestions on how we can better connect buyers and suppliers, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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