How to Use Our Brand New Applications Search to Find the Right Solution

How to Use Our Brand New Applications Search to Find the Right Solution

We have some exciting news to share with you today! We’ve made it simpler to find the right solutions for your projects by giving you the ability to search and browse by application on Environmental XPRT.

Sorting through a catalog of over 130,000 solutions can be a monumental task if you’re not sure about the technical name of the product that’s going to solve your problem. Searching by application turns that around and allows you to focus on the problem you need to solve and for what industry in order to get to the solution.

For example, let’s say you’re a mining operations manager looking for a way to treat wastewater from the mine.

Mine Wastewater

Mine Wastewater


You search on “water treatment mining” but browsing through product results can be frustrating because neither the product title nor summary give info about the applications they can be used for.

Water treatment mining

Product search for “water treatment mining”


You switch over to the applications section and run the same search. The results shown look more promising.

Water treatment mining applications

Applications search for “water treatment mining”


You click on one of the application results to read more about it and find a couple products related to the application you’ve selected.

Application page

Water Treatment in Mining Application Page


You click on one of the products to read more about it and discover it will help solve your problem. You then contact the supplier for a quote straight from the product page. It’s that simple.

Integrated Water Treatment Systems

Integrated Water Treatment Systems Product Page


Try out this powerful new tool today. We’ve already included over 1,000 applications and are integrating more suppliers’ application data every day. Oh, and by the way, you won’t find a search by application feature on any other industry marketplace. We’re the first!


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