Environmental XPRT’s 2000th Customer Is as Exceptional as It Is Representative

Environmental XPRT’s 2000th Customer Is as Exceptional as It Is Representative

On February 26, 2013, Environmental XPRT added a new red letter date to its historical timeline when Taiwan-based Yes-Sun Environmental Biotech Co. Ltd. told our long-time sales consultant Bernie Jack they would like to send a dedicated email blast to a segment of our users opted in to receive messages from third parties. On that day, Yes-Sun Environmental Biotech, developer of an innovative organic waste treatment technology, became Environmental XPRT’s 2000th customer.

While our 2000th customer seems, at first glance, to be an exceptional case (Yes-Sun is our first ever customer in Taiwan and they didn’t purchase one of our popular subscription-based lead generation packages), it is in many ways representative of how Environmental XPRT has developed over a 14-year history that began back in 1999 in a tiny apartment just across the street from Madrid’s Retiro Park.

Back when the Y2K bug was still scary and internet startups were wondering who would be left when the dot-com bubble burst, Environmental XPRT was forging a business by offering an affordable alternative to trade show lead generation that could unite markets across the world. Our first customer, an air dispersion modelling software company called Lakes Environmental Software, joined us in the summer of 1999. Lakes was based in Waterloo, Ontario, nearly 4000 miles away from our Madrid headquarters, and it only took a few phone calls to start a business relationship that lasts to this day. Yes, our first customer, Lakes Environmental Software, is still with us 14 years later.

Lakes Environmental Software

Soon after Lakes signed up, Environmental XPRT began helping businesses all across North America and Europe generate valuable online business leads for their environmental solutions. Expansion into every continent of the world would soon follow, right about the time the dot-com bubble burst, as a result of a firm commitment to helping businesses reach markets they would have trouble reaching without a truly global platform like Environmental XPRT to give them a hand. That commitment would eventually allow us to help over 30,000 suppliers and vendors generate leads, of which over 2,000 are now paying customers. At a time when our Asian audience has finally surpassed our European audience, a Taiwan-based business becoming a client doesn’t really come as such a surprise.

And it doesn’t come as a surprise that Yes-Sun chose to purchase an email blast rather than one of our online lead generation packages. Environmental XPRT has always been committed to generating leads for our customers, no matter what channel could work for them. At times, a strategically-placed company profile in a smart directory does the trick. Other times it’s a newsletter sponsorship. White paper distribution may be what it takes to garner interest for some, while for others uploading a full product catalog to a trusted platform like Environmental XPRT may be what it takes to catch the eyes of industrial buyers. Yes-Sun needed to reach a very specific market so an email blast was the answer for them. What matters is that they generate leads at an affordable price, just like it was in the beginning.

The other constant at Environmental XPRT from customers one through 2000 has been a diverse staff. Bernie, the sales consultant behind customer number 2000, is from the United Kingdom but the same can’t be said for the colleagues sitting on either side of him. We currently employ 17 full-time staff with 11 different nationalities. Back in the days when we were bringing our first customers on board, I had a Dutchman sitting behind me and a New Zealander to my left (I’m from the USA), all three of us packed in the bedroom of a tiny apartment.

The diversity has remained a constant and a pillar of our success. I’m proud to say we’ve long since abandoned our apartment and we’ve been in a proper office for many years now. Even though the office has changed, the fundamentals (affordable lead generation solutions, treating the global market as one & staff diversity) have remained the same over the years. Our 2000th customer, Yes-Sun, unique as it may be, is also representative of what Environmental XPRT has been, is, and will continue to be.

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