When Does Email List Rental Make Sense?

While purchasing a list of email addresses to incorporate into your house database is generally a bad idea for several reasons, ranging from the fact recipients never wanted to hear from you in the first place to the likelihood you’ll get spammed and your deliverability rate will suffer, renting an email list can be a valuable experience, depending on how it’s handled. What’s email list rental anyway? You’re renting an […]

Thanks – We Appreciate It!

We wanted to say thanks for your interest in Environmental XPRT & we’d love to get your feedback on the site. How does your Company Profile rate? Do you think about ways that you can beef up your online presence and get better results & generate more Leads? We really want to help you make the changes you need to get your storefront up to par. To do this, we […]

Hello. Is it LEADS You Are Looking for?

Hello. Is it LEADS You Are Looking for?

So. Why should you care about leads… Do you want to have a successful and profitable business? Then you need leads…and lots of them. Nothing happens without a lead. No sales, no revenue, no profit, zilch. Here at Environment XPRT, we know about business goals. Some are short-term and require immediate rewards, like sending an Email blast. Others are the long-term goals, which reap the rewards a little later. Like coming on […]

The Quick and Effective Way to Get Relevant Leads

Reach new prospects with our Direct Email Marketing Campaigns by building a targeted recipient list. We have a database of more than 170,000 professionals which you can filter by industry, location, job title, and more. From now until May 6th, for every 2000 recipients that you buy, we will add on 1000 more. So take this opportunity to: Promote upcoming events, courses, webcasts, early registrations, etc. Send announcements Distribute newsletters […]