When does email list rental make sense?

While purchasing a list of email addresses to incorporate into your house database is generally a bad idea for several reasons, ranging from the fact recipients never wanted to hear from you in the first place to the likelihood you’ll get spammed and your deliverability rate will suffer, renting an email list can be a valuable experience, depending on how it’s handled. What’s email list rental anyway? You’re renting an […]

Why We Love Tracking (And You Should, Too!)

Tracking Is Creepy & Useless Without An Engagement Strategy   Do you want qualified leads for your business with full contact details segmented by lead strength?  Our online tracking tools & dedicated staff provide you with insights on how to generate even more business through our platform.     1. Easy-to-use tracking report   With XPRT, you won’t be in the dark when it comes to measuring your performance. Your tracking […]

6 Signs You Should Invest In Environmental XPRT

Want to Maximize your lead generation, branding & exposure?   Become a premium sponsor and be seen before your competitors. We match your product & service offering to the appropriate segments of our audience so you generate the right leads.   1. Targeted banner campaigns   For maximum branding & leads, 728×90 leaderboard banners appear on the header of both the site and e-bulletins and exclusively sponsor topic pages of […]

The Ultimate Guide to LEADS @ Environmental XPRT

Want to reach the world’s largest community of environmental & agriculture professionals? Well get on board & join the marketplace & reach hundreds of thousands of decision makers to increase sales. We generate quality leads for various types of businesses, whether requests for quote, software demo requests, event registrations, sales of publications, job candidates, etc 1. Lead-generating storefront   The hub of your company’s presence on XPRT Media, the storefront […]

Environmental XPRT, Traffic, Leads, and More in XPRT Media Content This Week

1. How do I know what traffic & leads I receive? Access your XPRT account & go to “View Tracking Report” where you will see data from 2008 showing traffic plus copies of leads, data about top viewed content, the location of your traffic etc.   2. Which companies get the best traffic & leads? The ones who have both quantity & quality of content plus the most relevant, best-written […]

Environmental XPRT FAQs: Answers to 5 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to …

1. What are the benefits of working with XPRT? First you can try it for free, then you see for yourself. Its about delivery of results & with the online tracking you have instant proof of performance.   Top reasons why companies become Sponsors They have had an online demonstration from XPRT staff (better than 1:10 convert) They are actively looking for leads, branding or exposure Competitors are on XPRT […]

Use content on Environmental XPRT & Capture Leads

Got Content? NO Content can generate the leads you want Do you have time to create new material? NO This is a common problem many businesses face.   Typically this happens when:   1. You have more leads than your sales team can handle. 2. You aren’t closing enough of your website leads into customers, and feel like those leads aren’t the best quality.   So what do you do? What content […]

Getting the Right mix of Strategies can be a challenge …

Have you thought about … How do I ensure my company and products appear under the right keyword & category searches? The best way to ensure your company and products appear under the right searches is to ensure your content is keyword-rich. Here are a few tips:     Try to mix in keywords naturally. Don’t force them into the text or you`ll be sacrificing clarity for SEO. Above all, […]

How to write good Content on Environmental XPRT that will capture Leads …

So what does Environmental XPRT see as great lead-generating Storefront content?   First and foremost, our algorithm takes keyword search relevancy into account.  As an advertiser trying to optimize content to improve your Lead Generation, you should do the following:   Make sure your product titles include the brand name, standard name of the product (i.e. waste compactor, wastewater aerator, point source bailer) and model number. Ensure the basic, 1000-character […]

Turn your Content into Leads

Why should you use your content to generate leads?   So you have your product, service, idea, etc., right? And you want to draw in your audience, right? You can easily do this as long as you focus on your buyers’ problems by establishing solutions and providing results.So what is the ideal way to do this? Develop a whitepaper (a problem-solving guide), Casestudy, Webinar, promote your product & even get […]